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Our analysts cover a breadth of areas that are ideal to bring you the "Big picture" on new technology trends across the industry. Whether it's Cloud computing, Mobile (BYOD), the Internet of Things, DevOps, Big Data, IT Operational Analytics, Workload Optimized systems or other new trends, Ptak Associates analysts cover these new trends with our unique deep and broad perspective.

Ptak Associates examines Information Technology from both a technology and a business perspective. Because we believe that one size never fits all, we do no canned reports. All our clients receive custom, targeted analysis that delivers laser-focused insight and value. We do this work quickly and insightfully, and when appropriate, we recommend actionable outcomes.

  • We help IT organizations understand and prioritize their needs within the context of present and near-future IT trends, enabling them to use IT technology effectively in solving business problems.
  • We help technology vendors refine their strategies, and provide them with both market insight and deliverables that communicate the business values of their products and services.
  • We provide all clients with an understanding of how their competitors are playing in their market space, and deliver actionable recommendations.

Our clients include both industry leaders and dynamic newcomers, who recognize the meaningful breadth, depth and objectivity of our research in IT management technologies and processes. They appreciate the fact that, with Ptak Associates, it's all about business.



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

4:00 PM (EST) / 1:00 PM (PST)


The unique nature of modern, hybrid applications demands a different approach to performance testing.


As IT staff move applications to the cloud and mobile, many discover that capacity testing is not the same as it would be testing applications in traditional environments. Applications cannot always scale up, even when running on scalable cloud infrastructures. 


Hybrid application performance testing must look seamlessly at end-to-end application performance as it travels across diverse environments, and performance must be optimized for each environment along the application delivery chain. This requires advanced, proactive planning and QA testing throughout the development lifecycle.


This webinar will examine some of the most important considerations for modern application performance testing and planning, such as: 

  • Why modern, hybrid applications demand a different approach to performance testing.
  • The most important application performance metrics you should be testing and how to properly correlate those metrics with strategic business goals.
  • The application testing process including basic steps, important considerations, and expert tips.
  • An introduction to Apica's high capacity Load Testing platform. 



Peter Töllgard, COO, Apica Systems

Mark Gilbert, Senior Performance Engineer, Apica Systems

Audrey Rasmussen, Partner and Principal Analyst, Ptak Associates









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