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Did IBM blow Watson’s use in Medical AI?
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article last year discussing Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) product. The article focuses on Watson’s status in the marketplace, and specifically on IBM’s initial target market, cancer care. The WSJ reporters spent significant time on the article in order to present a comprehensive view of Watson
IBM Watson - WSJ - FINAL .pdf
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Compuware ISPW speeds and simplifies source code management for this Telecom Service Provider
Source Code Management (SCM) has been a challenge for mainframe development and operations staff for a long time. Read this Case Study that describes how one US Telecom Service Provider improved accuracy, increased productivity and sped up its source code management by simplifying management with Compuware's ISPW
Compuware ISPW TELECOM - Case Study - FI[...]
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Defining Hybrid Cloud: A View from Above
The definition of hybrid cloud is evolving as the cloud market progresses and the transition to hybrid cloud continues. The emergence of hybrid cloud brings with it a multitude of new delivery models, services, technologies and more. This wealth of options provides potential hybrid cloud customers with lots of choices. But, it can also be confusing, which elevates the need for relevant detailed definitions. Read More...
Hybrid Cloud Definition final.pdf
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IBM's cloudMatrix Makes Selecting the Right Cloud Service Provider Easier
Choosing the best among competing options is a daily task. One that can be as easy as deciding what to have for lunch, or, as complex and stressful as buying a home or choosing a Cloud service provider. CIOs and IT staffs face similar challenges when selecting the right hybrid Cloud option and/or service provider. The pace of technological change, technical and business requirements, policy variation, changes and options make it frustratingly difficult. Finding the right combination of services, let alone identifying all relevant evaluation metrics is neither easy nor obvious. It involves not only technical requirement. Read more....
IBM cloudMatrix FINAL.pdf
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INTERCONNECT 2016 – where Customers lead, and IBM As-a-Service is on display
Along with some 23,000 others, we attended IBM’s InterConnect 2016 event in Las Vegas. IBM enlarged last year’s event with a special focus on customers who led nearly half the sessions. Customers kicked off the event; reviewing details of successes built on IBM offerings....Read about the event and how IBM makes possible Cancer research at the University of Chicago’s Center for Data Intensive Science (CDIS) ..
IBM InterConnect 2016 - FINAL.pdf
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On implementing Compuware’s pioneering mainframe strategy
Compuware extended their strategy with a strategic acquisition and the integration of Topaz with popular non-mainframe products. We assess their approach and discuss its importance to mainframe customers.......
Compuware -Implementing Mainstreaming th[...]
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Mainstreaming the Mainframe, Developers hold the key!
Compuware has announced an evolution in their strategy. Based on their own experience with Agile development, along with intense customer interaction, they recognized and are responding to the need to change the focus of enterprise IT with respect to the mainframe and mainframe solutions. Here's what their doing.....
Compuware -Mainstreaming the Mainframe -[...]
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What will be the results of the DELL - EMC merger? Here's our initial impressions and conclusions....which will be edited as events justify and time permits.....
Dell-EMC Merger Report - FINAL.pdf
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Compuware’s Topaz for Java Performance enhances mainframe productivity!
Topaz for Java Performance provides detailed, comprehensive visibility into the performance and behavior of Java Batch programs and WebSphere transactions running on the mainframe.
Compuware Topaz for Java Performance - F[...]
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Compuware’s Topaz™ Runtime Visualizer – on the way to DevOps Nirvana!
Compuware announce dnew features for its Topaz for Program Analysis product. Agile processes, hard work and commitment allowed key component, Topaz Runtime Visualizer, to go from conception to product reality in just 84 days
Compuware - DevOps Topaz RV Nirvana - F[...]
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Compuware Topaz – Mainframe Software for the 21st Centur
A newly privatized Compuware is setting out to significantly impact the mainframe marketplace. It is targeted specifically to enhance the productivity on the mainframe of developers, operations and architects without deep expertise on the platform. Read more...
Compuware - Topaz for Mainframe - FINAL.[...]
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