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Our Coverage Areas Include

Alliance Management
Application Performance Mgmnt
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Data Reduction
Enterprise systems
Infrastructure Analytics
Infrastructure Management
IT Management
IT Operational Analytics
IT Service Management
Operational Analytics
Sales support
Workload Management

Our Services

At Ptak Associates, we analyze IT industry fundamentals for vendors and buyers by looking at the organizational and technology underpinnings on both sides of the supplier-buyer equation. Importantly, because our clients always work directly with our firm’s senior analysts rather than junior associates (as is the case with many other firms), they receive the highest quality analyses, insights and recommendations. This frequently means our clients receive value that is unique in the industry.


What services do we offer?

  • Our presentation services provide presentations and speakers that deliver unique industry perspective for webcasts or other externally-focused events.
  • We write white papers and other documents for vendors that clearly articulate our independent third-party analysis and opinion of their solutions.
  • The surveys and other research from our research services team give information, insight and analysis about customers, partners and other key stakeholders.
  • We provide consulting services targeting various IT issues that deliver unbiased, industry-context perspectives and insights to enterprise and mid-tier data centers, as well as delivering strategic and go-to-market consulting to marketing, product management, engineering and other constituencies within vendor organizations.

Ptak Associates works flexibly with our clients to deliver what they need.

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