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Our Coverage Areas Include

Alliance Management
Application Performance Mgmnt
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Data Reduction
Enterprise systems
Infrastructure Analytics
Infrastructure Management
IT Management
IT Operational Analytics
IT Service Management
Operational Analytics
Sales support
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Analysis & Opinion by knowledgeable analysts

The Internet has made information access inexpensive, open and plentiful, but the value of some of the "information" is dubious.  You can't trust everything you read on the Internet, which is why analyst developed content is a valuable resource. Analysis and reporting by respected third-parties like Ptak Associates are used to:


  • Deliver informed analysis and commentary
  • Report success stories succinctly
  • Validate research and reporting of solution benefits, TCO, ROI, TTV, etc.
  • Advocate for, educate the market and socialize emerging technologies and services
  • Deliver insightful analysis of market planning and accomplishment


Ptak Associates brings an independent, vendor-neutral and insightful view to the market. Clients turn to us for commentary, fact-based analysis and documentation that is respected and recognized as accurate, clear-thinking and truthful. These are delivered in a variety of formats:


Case studies

Case studies succinctly describe the successful application and use of a vendor's solution, product or service by one or more customers. Analysis and explanation of the resulting success are based on interviews with the customer. Frequently, a case study will include a description of the user's problem, a business-based explanation of why a new solution was necessary, how the vendor selection process worked, a specific description of why the particular solution was chosen, and a documented narrative illustrating the results and business benefits gained.


Commentaries present an analyst's insight into announcements, events, mergers, acquisitions, new technologies and solutions, etc., that affect the IT community. A commentary might provide an overview of how a product announcement fits into a vendor’s strategy, might describe the significance and market impact of a new solution, or may offer insight into how introducing a new product or technology benefits the market in general or specific segments of the market. In all cases, the analyst’s opinion drives the content and conclusions

White papers

White papers are the most versatile tool available to our clients. A whitepaper can cover topics ranging from a vendor-neutral product analysis, to a positioning document, to a detailed TCO analysis, to original research defining a market segment, to a competitive play book, to a counter argument against competitor claims. It can be a business-oriented analysis targeting the C-team. It can be an educational presentation that prepares mid-level IT staff to present the business case for a solution or technology to the management team. Ptak Associates white papers have addressed all of these and more for our clients.

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